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"It was perfect, can't say more"
the V and A Museum and Westminster Abbey, Kantor/Goodman Group, New York

"Kept my daughter hanging on every word with her juicy stories about Royal Life at Kensington Palace"
Henley Vasquez, Philadelphia

"(Clare's) ability to be entertaining and educational at the same time is amazing. I truly hope we will cross paths on our next trip to London - thank you!"
Walking tour of London, Jacqueline Diaz, Mass., USA

"We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and her knowledge and enthusiasm were outstanding"
Hampton Court Palace, Goody/Moffat group, New York

"Clare was splendid. She took us through a remarkable collection. She really knows her history and tied it in expertly to the displays. I do not think we will look at clothes and fashion trends the same way from now on!"
Fashion Department at the V and A Museum, Dodd/Ohsfeldt Group, Houston, Texas

"We had an absolutely delightful time with you. You were wonderful with the girls and really helped bring London to life for them (no mean feat for a 6 and a 12 year old). And we adults had a blast.......learned so much, enjoyed our conversations and felt relaxed (which is always nice on vacation)"
Bespoke walking tour for the Drucker/Haft family, Washington D.C.

"Clare was an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend her to other families"
Tower of London Tour, The Amrons, U.S.A.